Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Are your servers getting old? What are the options?

Most businesses look to replace their key business servers every 3-5 years.  This can be an expensive, time consuming and potentially disruptive exercise, often with no real business gain.

The world of computing has changed and continues to change rapidly, so what is best for your business over the next 3-5 years?

Not a simple question.  The first step is to consider what is driving the change, as this will often help to decide the best approach:

  1. I only need new hardware, the systems are working and there is no need to change.
  2. I need to change the hardware soon but the systems changes are best left to another time when we are ready.
  3. I am looking to change the hardware and the software.
There are several options associated to each of the above approaches.  To find out more why not join us for a short seminar we are holding on the 2nd May at C4L to show how virtual computing with Scale HC3 might be a way forward. Find out more here.

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