Friday, 14 December 2012

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

Most people Say “YES” when asked if computer backups are important.

Often the answer is “NO” when asked if they have up to date backups in more than one place.

3 simple questions

  1. Do you have a good backup process with have up to date backups?  “Yes”, award yourself 3 stars.
  2. Do you copy your backups to a second location or take a copy off site? “Yes” award yourself 2 stars.
  3. Do you practise restore and test your backup periodically? “Yes” award yourself 1 star.

Add up your stars

“3 stars”, the likelihood is you have all your eggs in one basket.  If there is a fire or someone steals your computers you may have nothing to go back to.

“5 stars”, you are on the way to being a bit of a star yourself.

“6 stars”, you are a star (but don’t become complacent).

What next

Less than “3 stars”, it is time to think seriously about your backup position.

“3 stars” is good, but you could do better.  Think about having a second copy of your backup in a different location.

“5 stars” is almost perfect.  You only need to practise and prove that all is OK.

“6 stars” is practically perfect.  Don't be smug, are you the only one?  What happens when you are away?

What would it take to make you a star?

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